Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to Score Cheap Flight Tickets to Europe

The biggest hurdle that you will probably face when planning your European trip is the flight tickets as they can either make or break your trip budget.

With so many airlines out there in the market, it's really easy to feel overwhelmed by just trying to get the best deal that would fit your budget. Ideally, you should try scoring tickets during travel fairs, such as the MATTA Fair, where you can find dirt cheap tickets.

But if you missed out on those,  don't worry as not all is lost :D

Believe me, at one point, I was beginning to lose hope that this European trip will never materialise as the flight tickets was just so bloody expensive! The average return air fares available were about MYR 4,000 (which is about 822 Euro).

But with a bit of perseverance, patience and some good luck, you may just hit the jackpot (in my case, I was hitting the refresh button several times within the hour... not sure if it's because I really REALLY wanna go to Europe or it's because I'm obsessive-compulsive or maybe a bit of both ;) ).

If you're looking for cheap flights, you may want to try these sites:
- Travelocity
- Zuji Singapore
- Reliance Air
- Yahoo! Singapore

These sites are helpful as they show you a list of airlines available for your intended destination, so you can choose whichever ones that suit you best.

I actually found our MYR 2,708 (about 558 Euro) return flight tickets through Yahoo! Singapore. Yahoo, indeed!! :))