Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm getting kinda giddy now because I should be sleeping but I can't because...


*FF victory dance*

I wish I can say more but seriously my brain is just too spazzed out. We're now looking into lodgings (or at least Lydia is) and here's hoping that everything'll work out fine!


gabriele said...

Only book a lodging for the day when you arrive. I would recommend staying at the Quartier Latin in Paris. Exactly by the River Seine and the Cathedral of Notre Dame. I lived there, long ago but passed by in 2007. There, you just walk the little side streets, knock at little hotels and find out what they charge.
Do the same when in Vienna where you pick the suburb which you like best and which does not stand for glamor... Well, your friends will also have their suggestions.

Lydd said...

Thanks for the tip, Gabriele! I had no idea we could just do that... Anyways, we have booked our lodgings online because we were 'paranoid' that the places would be fully booked by the time we get there. Lol!

But yeah, will keep this tip in mind on our next trip! :)