Thursday, February 25, 2010

The End, almost

Saying goodbye, our way ;-)

The rooms looks a mess, and it truly is. Tomorrow we leave for Frankfurt where we will have less than a day before we all part ways and fly home. The trip is so close to the end and yet we feel like we have not had enough. But do we ever?

Berlin has been short but eventful. Other than doing moooore random shopping, we spent almost the whole morning and afternoon at the Zoo. Here are the few specimens we saw.

We saw some lions just hanging out, chilling...

We saw Knut... or maybe not...

A very hungry fox-dog animal thing...

The cutest little thing you do not want as a pet...

A pair of wild monkeys...

Very cute lemur-like animals

& a macho zookeeper feeding lemur-like animals

We also saw Checkpoint Charlie, remnants of the Berlin Wall and the TV Tower in Alexanderplatz covered in heavy mist, etc etc. I got a new rucksack because by now you can imagine all our suitcases are 2 times the weight they arrived in.

Well, one more day to go!!! And we still have tons of stories to share ;-)


Daiana said...

Hello! It's been a while...

I couldn't read until now, but now I'm going through all of your adventures :)! You all took such amazing photos.
It must have been such a great trip, I envy you! Wasn't it cold? Here where I live (Switzerland) it was, so I fell sick during my holidays :(
I read the post about Paris... so you had a mouse in your room?! Oh my... I could have screamed for that! But Montmartre is such a lovely place, so... I guess that maybe... it was worth it. (or not?)
And... I chose this post because when I saw all the cute animals I could't help it!! They were so nice, especially the kitty (even if I guess it's not a kitty at all, haha!)
So, it seems that you really had a great time! I'm happy that you will post again on this blog, I will surely check back to see more photos :)

Take care,


Nora said...

Hi Daiana!!
Thank you so much for coming back and reading ;)
We haven't been doing a great job at updating but once our internal clocks are back on home time, we will be back on it. We still have so many photos to share ^____^

We are happy that we had time for the Berlin Zoo, because we had loads of fun. Just wished the petting zoo section offered a wider variety of animals to pet besides goats. Yeah, they only had goats in that section. Heh.

Again, thanks for stopping by!! ;)