Sunday, February 28, 2010

When All Good Things Must Come to an End

Don’t you just hate that saying?

We returned from our Europe trip yesterday, and I can safely say that we're all suffering the effects of jet-lag and the unbelievably hot weather in Malaysia.

Shot of us before leaving Frankfurt

Out of the 3 of us, I had the hardest time adjusting to the time difference and weather changes. When we were first in Paris, I could barely keep up with those 2 and wanted to go to bed at 6pm (of course, I’d be the earliest to rise and cursing myself coz really, there isn’t anyting to do when you wake up at 5am).

An obligatory shot of the Louvre in Paris

I hated the cold and dry air the most, and it was so taxing on my body. I’d have bloody nose, my skin was flaking, my face was just so red all the friggin time. So it is suffice to say that I did not feel attractive at all in the most romantic city in the world.

Another obligatory shot of Le Eiffel

But as our trip went on, my body was able to adapt and I started to feel more and more in the mood for fun.

Our day out at Montmartre, Paris. Behind us is the Sacre Couer.

We even met up with an old friend of mine, Lyana, while in Paris.

And just as my body has finally gotten used to all things Europe, our adventure had to end. Isn’t that ironic?

This is the nice old local man we met outside of Mozarthaus in Vienna. He was telling us the legend behind the Blutgasse street.

We spent a good chunk of our day at Berlin Zoo to say hello to some of our furry friends

Wished we had more time to explore Berlin. That city is rich with history!

Part of this trip was for me to try things I normally wouldn’t do, such as going on a roller-coaster ride at Disneyland (I’m terrified of such rides as I feel like I could die of a heart attack on it!) and eating veggies & onions (I’m mostly carnivores btw).

We would've entered Notre Dame if only the line going in wasn't too long! *sigh*

More obligatory shots of Paris. This one is of Arc de Triomphe.

The people that we met on our trip certainly added more flavor to our adventure. Like that Kirk Cameron look-alike who shared our couchette on the sleeping train from Paris to Vienna. He was so helpful, and friendly, and cute. But like all good good-looking men, he’s already taken.

The 2nd best waiter we met on our trip. He works at Connection Cafe in Frankfurt International Airport, so do say hi to him if he happens to be serving you (he's very friendly btw, and not to mention, very funny). And yes, all that food was ours ;P

And that’s one of the things that we learned from this trip. I think you’d have a better chance getting struck by lightning than meeting good-looking, kind single guys on a trip.

The best traveling companions EVER!! This photo was taken in Prague.

Our travel may have ended, but rest assured that our blog would remain active as we still have many posts to write (sight-seeing adventures, some bloopers, reviews on the places we’ve dined at, stayed at, etc)

The best honey cake ever... this was in Prague. But if you want to know the specifics, I guess you'll just have to read our future entries on our trip! ;)


Nora said...

That is a nice shot of the Arc Triomphe you got there!! And this is a really nice "we're home" entry. It summed it up real good. ;)

I wish we could go over every other week, if just for a hot chocolate!

Lydd said...

Oh yes, I'd so go back just for a hot cholate! Ngahahaha!

I love the shot you took of me and Hanie in front of Notre Dame. It was such a good day to be out in Paris :)

Catty said...

OMG....LOVE THE CAKE! It looks soooo yummy. I wannnnn

Lydd said...

Oh Cat, I wish I could tapau the honey cake for the gang to try. Sure will kena orgasm wan okeh! :)~~~~