Monday, February 22, 2010

Prague is loving us loving it!!

Tyn Cathedral in Old Town Square

Prague has been really good to us. There has been no snow or rain, no food poisoning on my end, no cold air filling up our bedrooms!! What more could one ask for when away from home???

In the last 2 days we have seen, done and bought a lot, so tomorrow will be dedicated to looking for bags for all the extra luggage we have accumulated, but not after checking out the Prague Castle and the Toy Museum. We also hope to catch the Ghost Trail tomorrow night to end our trip here in Prague.

On top of everything, I must say that the apartment we rented is the highlight of our visit. It is spacious, clean, warm and very affordable. (A full review will come soon, courtesy of Lydd I am sure!). Just see how happy we are in the photos below!

Lydd and myself at the entrance of our apartment being very serious

Nice spacious kitchen for us to pose in, and... maybe... hmmm cook? Maybe...

And this is only ONE of the beds in this apartment