Friday, February 19, 2010

Review on Hotel Clignancourt in Montmatre, Paris

From the reviews we've read on Hotel Clignancourt in Montmartre, this hotel showed so many promises. And  at first glance, it really did look like it was living up to its reputation amongst travelers.

Our first room was spacious and bright

- it is near the Anvers metro station (about 3 minutes walk from the hotel). Alternatively, you could get off the Barbes-Rochechouart metro station, but that's like 5 mins walk from the hotel AND you'll have to walk pass people who try to sell you fake unoriginal items (which btw, you can EASILY get from everywhere especially if you come from Asia >.<).

- near the Sacre Coeur

- the lady boss was very good and it was certainly helpful that she spoke fluent English.

- we could take the bus to Paris Est train station (Gare de l'Est) by simply hopping on bus 30. We opted to take the bus to the train station after checking out for our trip to Vienna. The bus cost us 1.60 EU (the bus uses the same ticket as the metro). If we were to take a taxi instead, that would cost us around 20 EU per person... so taking the bus was more economical.

Nora trying to take pics of the room

Unfortunately, when we got to the hotel, disappointment was probably an understatement.

- On our first night, we had a 'visit' from Ratatouille the Rat, only he didn't bring us any food >.< Instead, he ran across Nora's bed and didn't even stop to say hello. hahahaha! But on a serious note, a rat?!? In the room?!? That's just gross.

So we actually requested to have our rooms changed.

- The heater in both our old and new rooms was not working.

- No elevator. When we enquired the receptionist about the elevator , the conversation went like this:
Nora: We have some suitcases downstairs.
Receptionist: No, that is your job.
Now that's French hospitality to you.

- The toilet we had in our first room had a funky smell to it.

- After we changed our room, the toilet that we had was clogged, so there was a day that we couldn't shower :(

- The walls of the room was very thin that we could actually hear people fighting OUTSIDE the hotel.

The view outside our room

The apartment across looked really lovely

There wasn't much to see on the right side of our window

The important thing that we learned from staying in this hotel is that if you have shit loads of bags to carry, you should check whether or not the hotel has an ELEVATOR. Lugging your suitcases up FIVE floors is seriously NOT FUN.

Overall, we rate this hotel a 2/10 and we will never stay there ever again.

p/s: For safety reasons, we will only be blogging about our accommodations after we leave. Not because we're worried about what the hotel people might think of us reviewing their place, but more like what if someone comes knocking on our door in the middle of the night ;)